The New PBS Doc That Follows One Wildfire-Fighting Crew


The period of megafires is right here. In 2018, some 10 million acres went up in flames, owing, in no small half, to irregular season circumstances and rising temperatures. This documentary, Wildland, a part of PBS’s Independent Lens sequence, captures the trials one firefighting group should endure on this new actuality.

We first meet the crew throughout coaching in Oregon. Amongst them: two Bible-school dropouts, a former meth addict, and a middle-aged father with a checkered previous. The challenges they face are private in addition to environmental, as they battle with their fears and interpersonal turmoil when confronted by the flames.

You’ll be able to watch Wildland on PBS beginning October 29 at 10 p.m. EST. Within the meantime, try an unique clip from the documentary above.

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