The Most Common Injury Among Climbers Isn’t What You’d Expect


You’d assume that the majority rock climbing accidents are one-offs, ensuing from a fall. Actually, a research of just about 700 male climbers by BMJ Open Sport & Train Drugs discovered that two-thirds of contributors skilled a power harm, normally to the shoulders, elbows, or fingers. The quantity is decrease for indoor climbers, who work in additional managed environments, however all are inclined.



“Climbing focuses on minor muscle tissues you normally don’t practice, and the power on these muscle tissues just isn’t at all times apparent till an harm happens,” says research creator and climbing coach Gudmund Grønhaug.

The repair is strength training. Use TRX or resistance bands to bolster the joints within the higher physique. You don’t have to do heavy lifting, since climbing is about carrying your individual physique weight. Then climb on.

Strive our greatest exercise to build strength for rock climbing.

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