Lemon Pie Energy Balls (Citrus Cashew-Packed Protein Bombs)


ERMAHGERD these are so good!

Fall can’t come soon enough. Alas, I will just have to find a way to enjoy what’s left of the summer. And with that being said, I am going straight to the grocery store and buying a bag of lemons. Nothing says summer like a tarty lemon treat and to be honest, I really didn’t get my lemon fill this summer. I was focused more on summer berries and that’s just not fair to the lemon who is just as much a summer fruit as any.

In previous summers, I have made lemon tarts, lemon muffins, lemon loafs and even lemon candies so to add a little twist onto this summer I made lemon pie energy balls. My poor little freezer is so full of all these little treats I’ve made this summer, that I wasn’t sure it would hold this large batch of lemon bites I made. It’s a shocker that I even have anything left over since I usually eat just about all that I bake but lately I can’t seem to keep up!

Lemon Pie Energy Balls
Lemon Pie Energy Balls

Luckily, my theatre company had a gala for the grand opening of our new theatre we built and I was able to donate all of my stored up energy bites to the event to serve to all of our guests (galas can be an exhausting time, you know doing raffles and participating in auctions—they needed the energy). Needless to say, they were happy it was still summer and got to enjoy my energy bites because they were a major hit—not one left to spare!

Lemon Pie Energy Balls
Lemon Pie Energy Balls

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