Impossible’ Stunts He’d Never Do


Henry Cavill had no trouble transitioning from Superman to super spy for Mission: Impossible—Fallout. The Justice League star shed the cape, grew a ‘stache and joined Tom Cruise, Vanessa Kirby, and Simon Pegg for one of the best-reviewed movies of the year.

“Can’t be a hero with that kind of facial hair,” Cavill said in his Men’s Journal cover story. “It’s kind of the new black hat, the new scar on the face, the new English accent.”

Now, with Mission: Impossible—Fallout coming out on video, the superstar actor sat down to talk about some of the wildest stunts in the franchise’s history.

In this debut clip from the Blu-ray/DVD release, Cavill discloses the stunts he would “choose to accept,” and the stunts he’d never want to try. As Cruise and Cavill showed in Mission: Impossible—Fallout, they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty and do the real stunts for the film.

Henry Cavill, Mission Impossible Fallout

Whether it was flying around in a helicopter, riding motorcycles, or zipping around Paris in a car chase, Cavill was game.

The Mission: Impossible—Fallout Blu-ray/DVD will be available on December 4, and is now available on digital.

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