How Drinking Baking Soda With Water Could Ease Your Sore Muscles


Should you pop ibuprofen for post-workout soreness a number of instances per week, there could also be a greater solution to soothe your aches and pains. New analysis from Augusta College in Georgia exhibits that baking soda—yep, the identical stuff you utilize to kill odors in your fridge—could possibly be efficient in treating soreness and irritation within the physique.



The examine was revealed within the The Journal of Immunology earlier this yr, and it builds off of earlier medical trials that confirmed a baking soda resolution may assist individuals gradual the development of kidney illness.

Within the new examine, contributors drank baking soda stirred into water, which elevated their physique pH to increased alkaline ranges and diminished irritation. From there, researchers hypothesized that baking soda may assist reverse harmful irritation within the physique linked to illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, and will ease day-to-day muscular irritation, too.

Extra analysis is required, says examine co-author Paul O’Connor, however since baking soda is fairly innocuous, it may well’t damage to attempt. To ease your soreness, stir 1⁄four tsp of the kitchen staple into eight ounces of water—and save the pills for if you’re feeling actually achy.




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